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“DROPPIN’ LIKE FLIES”, from if i were to rock you (released 4/29/22)

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Latest release from Home For Bed “The Day With Others” (5/18/23)

Streaming Releases

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Vol.1 – if i were to rock you
Vol. 2 – if i were to rock
Vol. 3 – if i were to do something bsides rock you
“Part-Time Servant” released on 10/1/21
“Feral Hearts” released on 1/29/21 and the first LP solely under the name Beggars Bold
Completing the Nasoi trilogy and birthing the Beggars Bold. “Nasoi Meets the Beggars Bold” released on 12/4/20
Nasoi’s follow-up album “Pupil’s Progress” released on 6/19/20
“That’s What’s Up” single released on 4/16/20
“Shaken” single released on 4/3/20
“Murder Pride” single released on 2/14/20
Debut self-titled album from Nasoi released on 12/20/19